Plitvice Lakes National Park Day Trip from Zagreb

plitvice lakes
–> Museum of army collections from the Croatian Homeland War

–> Slunj Rastoke watermill village

–> Plitvice Lakes National Park


Anyone staying in Zagreb for several days shouldn’t miss a chance to discover a true paradise just two hours drive away from the capital. Even if you are not a fan of nature this fascinating sceneries will amaze you. Be aware that day trip to Plitvice Lakes National Park includes a moderate amount of walking so dress appropriately and you are ready to take of.


Plitvice Lakes day trip from Zagreb will take you south, to mountainous region Lika in central Croatia. Start the day around 9 AM with the drive along the highway to Karlovac. Just after you exit the highway you will notice an open air museum of army collections from the Croatian Homeland War. It is a rather small area that museum covers but interesting to have a look and children will absolutely love it.


croatia war


Continuing your route along Karlovac-Slunj-Plitvice-Split state road stop in Rastoke village in the city of Slunj. This watermill historical village of extraordinary natural beauty and tradition is built where river Slunjčica flows into Korana river forming several waterfalls and lakes. Most of the traditional architecture you will see, suffered destruction during the Homeland War and locals have been encouraged to preserve and renovate objects due to its ambiental and ethnological value.  Have a walk through the village and enjoy your breakfast on the waterfront in one of the small family owned coffees.




Half an hour drive from Slunj lies oldest and most visited Croatian National Park stretching over 300 square kilometers.  Plitvice Lakes National Park with its outstanding beauty was in 1979 inscribed as UNESCO World Heritage Site for geological and ecological values. Complex of 16 terraced lakes joined by waterfalls offers visitors walkways, hiking trails, electric boats and buses.


plitvice lakes national park


Except for exceptional natural value, area of Plitvice Lakes hides significant cultural and historical heritage in the form of some of the best architectural accomplishments of post WWII Yugoslavia. Ever since value of Plitvice Lakes has been recognized and site was set high on the tourist map, area is struggling to balance between preservation of natural and historical value and accommodating the needs of contemporary life and immense flow of tourism. However, visitors’ experience is always at the first place and you will most certainly enjoy your visit any time of a year.


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PHOTO: Pixabay, Flickr