Where is Croatia? Google claims no one knows

where is croatia


According to Google many don’t know where is Croatia. In Google searches with the term “where is” Croatia came second. For this reason I bring you answers to the most frequent questions related to Croatia. Some of the questions are quite silly but just for fun I will include those too. Let’s start!


Where is Croatia located?

Croatia is located at the crossroads of Central and Southeast Europe. On the northwest it borders to Slovenia, on the northeast to Hungary, on the east to Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, on the southeast to Montenegro and has a maritime border with Italy.


Where is Croatia on the map?


Where to go party in Croatia?

While two biggest cities of Croatia, Zagreb and Split, have a good nightlife the most famous party destinations in Croatia are Zrće Beach on Pag Island and Island of Hvar. There are also numerous music festivals across Croatia during summer months.


croatia party
Zrce Beach


Where to go in Croatia?

This of course depends on what you are up for. Usually tourists come to Croatia for the coast and National Parks. Three most famous cities in Croatia are Zagreb – capital city in central Croatia, Split – second largest city in Croatia and Dubrovnik – the most famous tourist destination in Croatia located on the far south of the country.


Where to go for beach in Croatia?

Croatian coastline is stretching over 5,835.1 km (3,625.8 mi) including more than 1000 islands. You will not regret visiting any of the places along the coastline but for the most beautiful and less crowded beaches visit one of the islands. The most famous beaches in Croatia are Zlatni Rat Beach on the island of Brac, Banje Beach in Dubrovnik, Zrce Beach on the island of Pag, Prapratno Beach on Peljesac peninsula, Pasjaca Beach in Konavle region and Stiniva Beach on the island of Vis.

beach croatia
Stiniva Beach


Which Croatian islands to visit?

I already mentioned Croatia has more than thousand islands. To be exact there are 1244 islands, islets and crags. However, just 48 islands are inhabited. Some of the bigger beautiful islands to visit are: Hvar, Rab, Vis, Korcula, Brac, Cres, Pag and Dugi Otok. If you are looking for small peaceful island with no cars go to Lopud, Kolocep or Silba. Island of Mljet as well as archipelago of Brijuni and Kornati are Croatian National Parks with a stunning scenery.


Which continent is Croatia on?

Croatia is in Europe.


Which side of the road?

Driving in Croatia is on the right hand side of the road.


Which currency to use in Croatia?

Currency of Croatia is Croatian Kuna. Currency code for Croatian Kuna is HRK and currency symbol is kn. Current exchange rate is 1 EUR = 7,4 HRK.


Which language is used in Croatia?

The official language in Croatia is Croatian language which belongs to South Slavic language group. Standard Croatian can also easily be understood by Serbians, Bosnians and Montenegrins.


Which adapter is used in Croatia?

Croatia has Plug type C – the plug which has two round pins.


Who is Croatian president?

Croatian president is a lovely blond lady which you probably noticed during World Cup in Russia. Kolinda Grabar Kitarović, coming from conservative Croatian Democratic Union party, is the first women to be elected for this position in Croatia.


luka modric
Croatian President hugging Luka Modric at FIFA World Cup


Who needs a visa for Croatia?

Citizens of the U.K., EU countries, the U.S., Canada, Australia and New Zealand as well as holders of valid Schengen visa can enter Croatia without an additional visa. For other countries you can check all the information on the website of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs.


What is Croatia famous for?

I would say that Croatia is most famous as summer holiday destination. It is the country of thousand islands and several thousand years old history – from prehistoric sites, remains of Roman Empire, medieval towns to renaissance and baroque monumental architecture.

What made Croatia even more popular in the last several years is filming of HBO series Game of Thrones which was filmed in the area from Dubrovnik to Split, Dubrovnik being King’s Landing.


What is Croatia like for a holiday?

Number of tourists speaks for itself. Croatia is perfect holiday destination for all types of travelers – family vacations, party travellers, culture lovers, nature enthusiasts and adventurists.


What is Croatian time zone?

Croatia is in Central European Time Zone.


When was Croatia established?

Croatia declared independence from Yugoslavia in 1991 and gained diplomatic recognition at the beginning of 1992.


When Croatia joined EU?

Croatia joined EU on July 1st 2013 as the 28th member state.

When will Croatia join Schengen?

Croatia expects to meet all the criteria to join Schengen Zone by the year 2020.


When to go to Croatia?

Croatia is usually a summer destination even though the country has much to offer all year round. I believe late spring or early autumn are the best time to visit Croatia. You can read more about weather in Croatia here.


How many days to spend in Croatia?

It is never enough days, right? However, if you want to see all the major sites in Croatia a well organised 7 – 10 day itinerary would be perfect.


How expensive is Croatia?

I’ve learned many visitors come back from their trip to Croatia outraged with the prices. Croatia is much more expensive than the neighbouring countries on the east and south.

If you are traveling to Dubrovnik or other big tourist destination prepare to pay double or even triple the price you would pay in the rest of Croatia. On the other hand you can still find options for every budget in all places.


Are Croatia and Serbia friends?

Depends who you ask but the general answer is yes. Two countries had their disputes in the past but today the neighbourly feeling prevails.


Are Croatian beaches sandy?

Croatia has a vast variety of beaches. Most of the beaches in Croatia are pebble beaches put you will find rocky and sandy beaches as well.

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