Weather in Croatia

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When you decide to visit Croatia one of the first things to consider in your Croatia travel guide is weather. As for any vacation, one might say. However, due to the fact that Croatia is such a small country many don’t expect weather to be so inconsistent. Usually first thing that comes to mind is hot summer and one of many Croatia beaches on beautiful Croatian islands. To be honest, that is the milestone of Croatian tourism but there is much more to offer and tourists are starting to unravel it.

To make things simple I will start by dividing Croatia weather into two parts – Mediterranean climate occurs along the coastline and continental climate in the mainland.

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Best time to visit Croatia coastal cities would be from end of May to the end of September; July and August being the hottest with temperatures up to 35 °C.

If you decide to visit southernmost part of Croatia, Dubrovnik weather might amaze you even in low season. Dubrovnik average temperature is still suitable for swimming in October when you can have a nice combination of beach time and exploring Dubrovnik Old Town while avoiding the crowds of summer months.



Winters are rarely below 5 °C and Croatian coast almost never sees snow. However, if you are wondering where to stay in Croatia during winter let’s move inland.

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If you are questioning whether to choose Croatia as your holiday destination in winter, the answer is yes! Contrary to the popular belief, there are many places to visit in Croatia which are remote from the coast.

Winter temperatures are usually around 0°C/32°F and snow is very likely but rarely „extreme, heavy“ type of snow rather „ambiental winter magic“ type.

With spring and autumn having just the right temperatures for sightseeing, peek of Croatia summer season, month of August kills it all. If you are visiting Croatian National Parks or countryside August can even be bearable while Zagreb with concrete and 40 °C probably doesn’t fit into your idea of a perfect Croatia vacation.

The one magical place that is in the middle and absolutely astonishing all year round is Plitvice lakes National Park where you can witness frozen magic in the winter, flowering spring, nice cool atmosfere in hot summer months or colourful work of Ms. Autumn.

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Plitvice Lakes National Park in winter


plitvice lakes weather
Plitvice Lakes National Park in spring


Considering mentioned climate diversity there are numerous things to do in Croatia all year round – from skiing and snowboarding in the capital to swimming and sunbathing on beautiful Croatia beaches. If your Croatia tour itinerary includes a road trip through the county I would recommend month of May.

PHOTO: Flickr, Pixabay, Instagram