Places to Visit Near Split: Authentic Dalmatian Towns

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Split is coastal Croatia’s capital and even though its spectacular ancient streets could keep you busy for days there are some beautiful places to visit near Split. Besides popular tourist spots like islands Brač and Hvar and usual day trips from Split which take you to Krka National Park or Mostar you can visit several authentic small Dalmatian towns just half an hour drive from Split.



Medieval city of Trogir is situated on a tiny island 27 kilometers (17 Miles) northwest of Split, Croatia. Connected to the mainland by one bridge and to the island of Čiovo by second, Trogir can get quite busy during summer months.

The city was colonized by Greeks in the 3rd century BC and later by Roman Empire. What left an indelible mark on city’s architecture was Venetian rule from 15th to the end of 18th century.


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Trogir is inscribed in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites as a remarkable example of urban continuity what can be seen in the preserved orthogonal street plan dating back from Hellenistic period, outstanding Romanesque churches and beautiful Renaissance and Baroque buildings.

A labyrinth of narrow cobbled streets with the minimum of modern interventions reveals beautiful palaces of nobility with architectural features from different historic periods and some of the best examples of sacral architecture in Croatia.

Town’s centerpiece is mainly Romanesque Cathedral of St. Lawrence with the finest example of the Romanesque sculpture on the main (west) portal by Croatian master Radovan. Built from 13th to the 17th century, Trogir cathedral is a showcase of shifts in architectural styles: from Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque.

If you prefer peaceful authentic Mediterranean environment it is a good idea to choose accommodation in Trogir instead of bustling Split. If you are coming to Trogir on some of your day trips from Split you can come by car, public bus or take a boat tour from Split.


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Omiš is a small colorful seaside town around 25 kilometers (17 Miles) southeast of Split, Croatia. Its location, at the place where the Cetina River meets the sea is the reason this place has been inhabited since the ancient times.

More than 2000 years of history is hidden inside the stone houses and narrow streets flanked by the dramatic gorge of Cetina from the one side and long stretches of beaches from the other.


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People of Omiš often like to emphasize glorious pirate history of the town and as a permanent reminder stands the fortress of Mirabela, the most famous Omiš landmark. This 13th century fortress is accessible by stairs and offers a magnificent view over the red rooftops of the medieval city.

For even more amazing view take a short climb on a well-marked path leading from the very centre of town up to Fortica fortress. On a 262 m ridge, 15th century Fortica fortress is overlooking the islands of Brač, Hvar and Šolta and the Cetina canyon.

Walking through the narrow streets of Omiš you will discover many Renaissance and Baroque churches, houses and squares as well as one of the most important examples of Early Croatian Pre-Romanesque sacral architecture – Church of St. Peter.

River Cetina has became a popular site for rafting and climbing making Omiš a perfect holiday or a day trip from Split destination for adventurists. Omiš is emerging as one of the most desirable active holiday destinations in Croatia. The most popular activities in Omiš include hiking, trekking, rafting, kayaking, canyoning, scuba diving, windsurfing, climbing and zip line as the latest addition.

If your idea of a perfect holiday includes a dose of adrenalin, Omiš is definitely the right choice for you – take one of the day trips from Split or even choose accommodation in Omiš.




The town of Sinj is located in the heart of Dalmatian hinterland at the edge of the fertile river Cetina valley, 35 kilometers (22 Miles) northeast of Split, Croatia.

Surrounded by mountains and rich with rivers and springs, area of Sinj is perfect for nature lovers.

On the other hand, well preserved cultural heritage makes Sinj city of culture and tradition.



What set the city of Sinj on a world map is the annual knights tournament of Alka today under protection of UNESCO as world intangible heritage. Since 1715, every year, at the first weekend of August, the streets of Sinj become a living display of revived history and glorious victory of people of Sinj over Turks.

Walk through the city will take you from the Church of the Miraculous Madonna of Sinj which dominates the town main square, to star-shaped Kamičak fort opposite the church and all the way to the remains of the old fortress at the top of the hill above Sinj.

Sinj is still a completely hidden gem for tourists what can be seen in the lack of tourist facilities including restaurants and souvenir shops. However, it has one of the best modern interactive museums in Europe – Museum Alka of Sinj.

Being an easy day trip from Split, Sinj is a perfect destination for anyone interested in nature and tradition who wants to experience a laid-back way of life.



PHOTO: Instagram, Pixabay